Don’t Just Read About HISTORY.

Relive it! Experience the life of a Civil War Soldier.

“Now accepting applications for new recruits for the 156th Anniversary of the Civil War. Join now to assure your position in the 11th Regiment Conn. Volunteer Infantry for all of the 156th Anniversary Civil War Reenactments and Events. There are many reenactments, parades & Living History Events this season. So Join now.”

Be at Encampments, Battle Reenactments, Tacticals, Parades, and Living History events. We have been extras in video events like “Gods and Generals”. We fully support Family Participation. Please feel free to look at our Photo Gallery to see the fun we have participated in during the past couple of years.

11th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Company A

volunteers_recruitCapt. J. Turchick commanding Company A of the 11th Regiment is now accepting recruits to this fine organization. VOLUNTEERS of good habits will be provided with instruction, drill, and assistance in outfitting as infantryman. Those 16 years of age and older who take the oath, are trained in basic drill practices and pass our safety rules will be able to reenact battles with their comrades in arms. Those 14 years of age and above will be accepted as musicians or cadets. Upon giving their oath, all may look forward to an exceptional period of fun. We look for civilian impressions also.

BattlelineIf you are interested in joining our company as infantry, musician, cadet, or civilian you may begin by filling out some information about yourself on our Short Form. After you have filled this out just click submit at the bottom of the form and you will have emailed this information to us. Please make sure you also have read our safety rules. The information you sent us will only go to the recruiter and officers of the 11th CVI Company A. No one else will have privilege to this information. If you do not wish to fill out our form but still are interested in joining our group, or just want to contact us, you still may email us.

We at the 11th CVI look forward to meeting you. And thank you for your consideration.

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